Top 10 Residential Architecture Designs in Pakistan

Architecture has been trendy since the last century. In every part of the world, architecture boasts unique and diverse designs. Some famous examples in Pakistan are Mughal architecture in Lahore and colonial buildings in Karachi. Pakistanis have different types of modern and traditional designs. As we progress towards the future, certain things change day by day.

If you are planning to build or construct a new home and are confused between different architecture designs, you should know the different types of residential architecture designs.

1. Smart 

2. Industrial

3. International 

4.  Multifunctional

5. Modern

6. Contemporary

7. Farmhouse

8. Minimalist

9. Bangalow

10. Cottage


Smart residence residential design is trendy nowadays. The residence that uses the internet to control the features of your home. The upcoming era is smart houses, so this type has a significant demand nowadays.

These types of residence have the following features:

  •   Kitchen appliances
  •   Security cameras
  •   smart television
  •   High-quality lighting with low electricity use
  •   Smart gadgets

Also, a connector’s timer can water house plants and lawns.


  This style is primarily famous for its simplicity and attractiveness. No extra decorative elements are used, so it looks more attractive. Industrial style refers to an elegant trend in interior design that likes old factories and industrial spaces.

In this feature mostly these facilities are available.

  •   Rough ceiling
  •             Wooden floors
  •   Restored furniture
  •   Use of steel and iron
  •   cleanliness with minimal details

International residential design is characterized by rectangular structures and forms, simple exteriors with large glass panes, and open interiors. It’s also considered modern architecture. It is a trendy residence design in Pakistan.

Following features are included in international residential design.

  •   Natural light
  •   flat roofs
  • Smooth surfaces
  •   Lack of ornament color
  •   glass and steel exterior

   It is a need of the new era and very popular nowadays. It is a proper integration of different functions in time and space. For example, a bedroom can be used for studying or official purposes. A terrace can be used as a dining space. It encourages engineers to add multi-function designs. It is also essential to effectively use existing values in an area, such as cultural/historical, recreational, social, and natural values.

Following techniques are included in these types of spaces

  •   Separating big living rooms into different spaces
  •   Use balcony as dining or sitting spaces
  •   Use the bedroom for studying or for office work
  •   Partition walls
  •   Make storage under stairs

Modern residence designs gained much popularity after World War 2. It is the reason behind minimalist and contemporary designs. It highlights your refresh, linear lines and favors functionality over decoration. All buildings and houses in urban areas are mostly these types. Simple look from the outside and stylish from the inside is its quality.

Some of the following features are included in modern:

  •   Broad roof overhang
  •   clean and minimal lines
  •   Walls of glass
  •   The asymmetrical design
  •   Flat roofs
  • one or more stories
  •   Minimum decorative elements

It refers to the current style of architecture. Although, it is a bit similar to modern design. For example, if a design was contemporary in 2010, it does not mean it is contemporary now. It changes day by day. It includes simple, clean lines with large windows devoid of decoration. The exterior of this type is a blend of siding, stucco, stone, brick, and wood, and The roof can be flat or shallow.

 Following are the characteristics of contemporary designs:

  •   Customized LED lighting
  •            Living walls
  •            Open floors
  •            Flat roofs
  •            strong and geometric shapes
  •   Large windows
  •             single or double story
  •             green roofs, living walls

Farmhouse designs typically originated from America, but it is popular now in Pakistan. It is mainly designed for a pleasant and relaxing feeling. There are two types of farmhouse styles. The classic design is from the past, and modern farmhouses are comfortable and welcoming.

These characteristics are of farmhouse residential design.

  • One and half of two stories
  • White and light color exterior
  •   Few small windows
  • Thick walls
  •   Large welcoming balconies
  •   Vintage furniture and accessories
  • traditional fabrics

Minimalists use design elements without decoration. Followers of minimalism believe that adjusting the material and design to its bare essentials reflects the ‘true core of architecture.’ It has become more common in Pakistan because more and more people are adopting it.

These are the characteristics of a minimalist:

  •   No decoration
  •            no use of many accessories
  •   Clean and straight with modern detailing
  • Limited color use
  •   natural material and light
  •   Use of concrete and glass

Bungalow architecture originated from India. It has gained fame worldwide. People move towards bungalows for their charming curb appeal, large, open-concept interiors, and large, central living spaces ideal for entertaining. It is only a one-story house with a sloping roof. Its standard design has high ceilings, oversized doors, and windows. These residence plans share a standard style with Craftsman, Rustic, and Cottage home designs.

The following characteristics are of bungalow residences.

  •      Open floors
  •      Large front with porch and eaves
  •      Plenty of windows
  •      Small in size
  • A sloping roof

The cottage is also popular in Pakistan because of its characteristics. Cottage residence plans are informal and woodsy, extracting a graphic storybook charm. Cottage-style homes have upright board-and-batten, subsoil, stucco walls, gable roofs, sundecks, small galleries, and bay windows. These cottage bottom plans include small lodges, one-or two-story cabins, holiday homes, cabin-style farms, and more. Firstly vulgarized by home pattern books like” Cottage Places” by Andrew Jackson Downing of 1842, Cottage -style residence plans are filled with individuality and grounded on the belief that “a beautiful house ultimately reflects an exemplary character.

 The cottage-style home is often quaint and yet charming. The rooms are relaxed and comfortable. It’s also an efficient home with various functionalities. It does not boast much room, but it does have character. The common qualities of a cottage-style home include shingled stucco walls, balconies, small porches, gable roofs, and bay windows. 


Residence is a requirement of everybody. We try to make you aware of trending residence designs. I hope you will know about them and choose the best one for you. We shared our experience to provide you with the best information.


What is residential architecture?

Residential architecture is the process of designing or constructing non commercial properties. It includes everything from house to apartment. It can be designed in city, village or urban or rule areas. It is simply capturing the needs of homeowners and transferring this concept into reality.

Why is residential architecture important?

While buildings receive full attention, local engineers continue to build beautiful, livable, functional structures. Engineers are a mysterious place. Not by choice, but because most people don’t think about who designed the area around them. As such, it is important.

When did residential architecture start?

The history of residential architecture is as old as the history of humanity itself. The exact origin is said to date to the Neolithic period. Firstly people start living in caves and gradually move forward and start making homes of mud. Later they start making houses of  heavy stone. So it’s the beginning of residential architecture and people start making different types of residential architecture.

Who was the first architect?

In history Egyptian  Imhotep was the first architecture. He lived around 2600 BCE and served Egyptian pharaoh Djoser. Mary L. Page is the first woman to graduate with an architecture degree in1873 from a university of UNITED States.

What are different types of residential architecture?

There are many types of residential architects. In different countries different designs of it.  But in Pakistan most famous types are follows:

• Smart 

• Industrial

• International 

• Multifunctional

• Modern

• contemporary

• Farmhouse

• Minimalist

• Bangalow

• Cottage

What are good questions to ask about residential architecture?

You can ask the following question to an architect. These are good questions

• Do you have experience?

• What budget is required for this project?

• How much time do I need to commit, and when? 

• How can I be helpful in the process? 

• What’s your fee structure?

• What are the important issues and challenges of my project?