Legal Notice

 Welcome to Chiltan Architects and Developers Office website ( In relation to the use of the website, we inform you about the legal restrictions and prohibitions that you should be aware of as follows. 

 Copyright, etc. 

The Chiltan Architects and Developers  website is a valuable asset exclusively owned by Chiltan Architects and Developers at all costs, and all copyrights and usage rights are reserved for Chiltan Architecture ( note that the author has copyright for some other photo and video materials). is on. All services, materials, and information supplied on the website are provided for non-commercial and particular use only, so services, materials, and information handed on the website, such as textbook messages, pictures, audio, images, download files, links, and source codes, etc. (hereinafter referred to as” information”) may not be downloaded, modified, distributed, or used in any other way for commercial or public purposes. 



 Please be aware that the services and information on the Chiltan Architects and Developers website may contain crimes in terms of accuracy and completeness. Therefore, customers shouldn’t rely entirely on this information or materials unless we guarantee in writing. In particular, please refrain from using the website service of Chiltan Architects and Developers directly for transactions such as deals, hype, trade, and purchase that are related to particular or commercial interests. In addition, we inform you that, in any case, the Chiltan Architects and Developers website isn’t responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or extended damages caused by these information or materials. 

Chiltan Architects and Developers grand theft is prohibited 


 In principle, the CHiltan Architects and Developers brand ( trade name, trademark) can only be used by “ Chiltan Architects and Developers”. For companies that steal the Chiltan Architects and Developers brand, ① Article 23 of the Commercial Act ( prohibition of use of trade names that may mislead the subject), ② Article 65 of the Trademark Act ( right to claim prohibition against infringement of rights), ③ Composition 4 of the Illegal Competition Prevention Act ( acts of unfair competition) In any case, if an outside company uses the Chiltan Architects and Developers symbol ( logo), it’s subject to sanctions, so we strictly regulate the misuse of the Junglim Architecture brand online/ offline. 

 Responsibility for Links 

 The Chiltan Architects and Developers  website provides various links based on its own standards. All linked websites are provided for client information acquisition and convenience, but Chiltan Architects and Developers  doesn’t guarantee the trustability of the linked sites or take any legal responsibility. 

 Rejection of unauthorized collection ofe-mail addresses 

E-mail addresses posted on this website can not be collected without permission usinge-mail collection programs or other technical devices, and violation of this may result in criminal punishment under the relevant laws, similar as the Act on Promotion of Information and messages Network application and Information Protection,etc. there is. 

 Changes to notices 


 After this notice is posted, all users who use the services provided on the Chiltan Architects and Developers website are deemed to agree to the content of this notice. The homepage of Chiltan Architects and Developers reserves the right and authority to notify the detailed items specified in this notice and the reason for the change of the conditions of use on the homepage with adequate time leeway, or to change it from time to time in an appropriate way in accordance with the customs of the internet industry without prior notice. Thus, users should be apprehensive of recently changed items or conditions by frequently inspecting the detailed items and conditions of legal notices and terms of use. 

The above legal notice is effective from January 01,, 2022.